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Global Warming

Scientists from around the world are trying their best to find the causes for global warming. For several decades, the main leads were natural events and cycles that are involved in changing the climate. A few causes are declared as contributing to global warming:

The discharge of methane gas in areas of wetlands and arctic tundra. Methane acts as a greenhouse gas which causes the heat to trap in the atmosphere.

The change in the cycle of the climate which, according to scientists, happens every 40,000 years.

Volcanic activity resulting in an increase in greenhouse gases.


After years of research, scientists have come to a conclusion that greenhouse gases are the main reason for global warming. Humans are responsible for these gasses and they emit them in many ways. The main source of greenhouse gases is the burning of fossil fuels for the purpose of electricity production, factories and cars. Carbon dioxide is the main gas that is present in greenhouse gases.

The logic of understanding the global warming phenomena states that the greenhouse gases are responsible for increasing global warming. Due to these gases, the heat remains trapped in the atmosphere rather than going into space. Along with that, human kind is busy in cutting trees which is spreading CO2 in the atmosphere. When we change the natural environment this way, there are consequences which we are only now becoming aware of.

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