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Water pollution

H2O is the most abundant molecule in the living body. Nobody can survive for more than a few days without drinking water. It is one of our basic needs and necessities. Along with that, it is actually the most affected and affecting part of environmental pollution. More than 65% of the world population is using unclean and polluted water. There are many types of water pollution, which has different effects on the surroundings. Water becomes polluted as a result of different processes. If there is only a single source of polluting the water, it is known as point-source-pollution. If there are multiple sources of water pollution, these are called as nonpoint-source- pollution. For example, if an oil tanker is dropped in the water and it is polluting the water than it is point-source pollution, but if there are many sources which are causing the population then it is called nonpoint-source pollution.

There are different events of different types of water pollution. Sometime the pollution affects a small area that is near the water. Nevertheless, sometimes it can affect an area which is miles away from the original source. For example if nuclear waste is being dissolved into a certain water area, it will destroy and damage every living thing which comes in contact with it, even if it's thousands of miles away from the original source point.